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EcoDesign Lot 20

Not yet heard of the new EcoDesign Lot 20 legislation yet?

Here is everything you need to know about this new legislation and how it will take the electric heating industry by storm.

What exactly is it?

Lot 20 is a piece of new legislation that marks the biggest change in the electric heating industry yet. The legislation which came into play at the beginning of 2018 is set to improve the efficiency and performance of electric heaters, alongside reducing the amount of wasted energy and heat!

This legislation stipulates that all local space heaters for sale in the EU must adhere to these new rules, even if they have been made and bought elsewhere.

What will be different about these heaters?

  • Portable heaters must have a mechanic thermostat room temperature control.
  • Open window detection – reducing the temperature as the window is open.
  • Presence detection – this enables the heater to reduce the temperature when somebody leaves the room.
  • Remote control via an app, this allows the person to have control from when they are in or out of the room to save energy when it is not needed.
  • Adaptive start control.
  • The aim of this legislation is to reduce the harm to the environment which electric heaters cause. Not only is that the main principle but it is also trying to produce ongoing energy savings for its consumer.

    In a nutshell

    All heaters will have to incorporate intelligent room temperature controls to minimise the amount of wasted energy which in turn will have a lessened impact on the harm wasted energy and heat can do to our environment!

    So how will this work?

    In order to adhere to the new rules enshrined in this legislation, all electric heaters sold and manufactured in the EU must meet the required efficiency rating percentage. Most heaters will start with a 30% base rating.

    If the manufacturer fails to comply with the new rules, i.e. doesn’t have the energy efficient features, the sale will be prohibited within the EU.

    How will this work now the UK is leaving the EU?

    This particular legislation has been written into UK law and therefore will still apply when the UK leaves the European Union.

    Why has this legislation come into force?

    The motivation for this change is simple, reduce wasted energy to meet our carbon reduction targets.

    Nearly half of the energy used in our homes is conducted via heat, this change could make a huge difference.

    Will it be more expensive?

    The initial cost of a new heater which encompasses the new technologies developed might be higher than usual, but bear in mind, over a long-term period, the running cost of the heater will be reduced, allowing you to spend your money on other things!

    Don’t Stress!

    All current warranties for compliant or non-compliant electric heaters will still be honoured as normal.

    So, now you’ve learnt everything there is to know about the new EcoDesign Lot 20, you can sit down with that favourite book of yours, put your electric heater on without worrying about your electricity bill or the environment! Win-win!

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