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Electric Charging

As you are probably already aware, the UK Government confirmed the launch of a new strategy named Road to Zero.

The aim of this new strategy is to increase the number of sales of the new ultra-low emission car sales to obtain a market share of at least 50% and new vans by 40% by 2030. It is also set to enable a large delivery of the infrastructure to support the electric vehicle revolution.

This plan has already seen £1.5 billion invested, giving electricians the opportunities to deliver their services assisting the Road to Zero Strategy.

What can we expect to see before 2030?

  • Installation of charge points installed in newly built homes and new lamp posts – providing a large expansion of the plug-in-network.
  • A £400 million Charging Infrastructure Investment to fund the plans to take the motor infrastructure by storm.
  • Another £40 million programme has been set up to develop and trial ow cost wireless on-street charging technology.
  • Providing up to £500 for electric vehicle owners to fit a chargepoint in their home through the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.
  • An increase in the value of grants available to workplaces for chargepoint installations.
  • An extension of the Plug-In Car and Van Grants at current rates, and in some form until at least 2020.
  • Although the initial costs of an electric vehicle are often higher, they can be cheaper to run when we compare the cost of electricity to petrol or diesel.

    Chargepoints can be installed in a plethora of places. They can be installed at homes with a garage or a driveway. They can be seen in workplaces, residential streets, town and shopping centres, public car parks, and motorway service stations.

    Electrical Vehicle Charging Points

    There are various grants available from The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) in the UK.

    These can help you with the initial purchase of eligible plug-in-vehicles and the cost and installation of charge points.

    Electrical Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

    This scheme provides funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing electric chargepoints at domestic properties across the UK.

    Workplace Charging Scheme

    The workplace charging Scheme (WCS) is voucher-based. It provides support towards the upfront cost of purchasing and installing electrical charge points for eligible businesses, charities, and public sector organisations.

    WCS provides grants equal to 75% of the purchase and installation prices. This is capped at a maximum of £500 for each plug socket with a limit of 20 sockets per company.

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